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Our lives, like the tides, dance within the influences of the moon’s phases. Weather it is the diminishing energy of its waning or the strengthening force of its journey to fullness. With our focus and attention we can incorporate the strength and support of these influences in forging changes in our lives.

When focusing on letting go of a familiar habit or mind-set working with the energy of the full moon is best. Writing out just what it is you are letting go of and burning it as the moon passes from it fullness spilling its light and its strength over the tides.

This is contrast to the energy of the new moon. Ancient peoples worked with the energies of the new moon when planting seed or transplanting seedlings. So planting the seeds of new choices in our lives just as the moon begins its journey from darkness to light supports our ability bring more light to the dark places within us.

The growing or diminishing light and magnetic pull of the moon is an ancient force that has a profound effect on us and our planet. Its force can be a powerful tool we can use to help transform our lives