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The misty heat of the hot tub embraces my body. Floating on my back, my arms open to the sky. Grand oaks lush with leaves sift brilliant blue. I begin a deep full breath laden with the moist life of the fertile woods. The more I take this sweet air into my body, the more I am given to the air itself. Crisp sounds of the woodland rush in as my ears are resurrected from waters muffling embrace. Bird-songs float down from the rustling leaves. Lungs filled, I feel renewed as if I had been born of this water, into this life-filled forest.

In a flowing movement my breath’s tide turns, releasing air from my body. I melt into the waters warmth. Slowly the water comes to surrounds every fold and follicle of my body. Muffled sounds of waters’ embrace pull me further from the vibrant life of the forest. Eyes close as water begins to gently push on my lashes. I let go, releasing my life.

A deeper sense of withdrawing grows within me. Energy flowing out into the water quickens as I sink deeper, now fully embraced in this womb of water. Only my nose left open to the air. I melt into this moment, the deep peaceful sleep of winter bear’s cave.

From this depth of silence, it was love that saturated my heart. Thirst for life brought the flow of air back into my lungs, awakening from a bath of love. Excitement flared within me as blissful curiosity for light and air rose up within me, once again, reborn.