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IMG_0510When planting a bare rooted tree it is easy to see the tree’s hilt. The hilt can be found at a shift in the line of the trunk just above the roots. This spot is the balance point between Heaven and Earth, the Seen and Unseen. If the hilt of the tree is given too much to the earth, the tree will die. Similarly if the tree is given too much to the air the tree will also die. For the tree to thrive, the hilt must be placed at the balance point between Heaven and Earth.

This is a wonderful mirror for our breath. It thrives when placed at the balance between Heaven and Earth, Love and Fear. For us the balance point is found within our hearts. With open pathways, we breathe energy up from the earth as we breathe energy down from the heavens. Blended in balance, these become greater than the sum of their parts. This enhanced energetic flow nurtures our entire body and straightens the healing energy that flows from our hands.

Making room in our hearts, breathing free the stuck energy of “encapsulated trauma”* clears the way for our energy to flow freely into and through our hearts. This shift in energy is directly reflected in the aura of the planet.

*Situations that cause us to stop breathing out of fear will generate opinions of self, world or other Become “encapsulated”