I am delighted to announce that Thames Davis has joined the editorial process of Germination Point.

Tom has written and published non-fiction, fiction, and poetry books and has had articles and essays appear in a number of magazines and academic journals. Tom’s latest book isThe Weirding Storm, a dragon epic.

As with my first book, Sound Scent & Light, the editorial process was a great learning opportunity for me. That process continues with Germination Point.

Davis’s Suggested spots in need of polish or adjustment in punctuation have help me clearly discern concepts of writing that eluded me in my school years.

Being dyslexic greatly effected the level of education I received in the NYC public school system during the 60’s and 70’s.

Content was low as were the schools expectations of me was based solely on my spelling abilities.

Working with Thomas Davis has continued the expansion of my knowledge of the finer points of the, at times, abstract process of writing in the English language.

I am truly excited to be working with such a knowledgeable person in the area of letters.

Be sure to check out His epic dragon poem through the link provided.