imageReview copies are printed. Some are being sent by mail others delivered by hand. I am so looking forward to incorporating reviews into the layout of When it All Falls Away.

Having been through the book numerous times I now have a large pile of dropped words on the floor under my desk. In poetry it is through subtraction that we find addition. Additions of strength, addition of focus.

Deleting the post poem summation lines was at first difficult yet toward the end satisfying. I felt a bit naked about it at first. Through it I was won over by discomfort prolonged in the absence of explanatory hand holding.



fullsizerender19You can tell form the type of printing paper that my ISBN numbers were sent to me on that when I published my last book I used postage stamps not email addresses.



In memory of Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) and James Byrd Jr. (May 2 /1949 – June 7/1998)

Life finishes where desire for it is confused and muddled by fear. Once willing, now still, life passes from where it is banished without mercy.

Wind blows warm over cold flesh. Dust sticks to bludgeoned skin. Fingers chapped, their deep crevasses lined with the layers of life’s patina. A man’s hopes and dreams lie within such layers.

The sun burns hot over ravaged flesh. How does one come to condemn another?

What darkness holds eagerness to persecute and destroy another being? What blinds one to the beauty that embodies another?

How does one find that beauty in themselves when a brothers’ flesh is strewn along a country road?

How unloved, how worthless must one feel for such actions to be taken.

Hunger drives animals to kill in what may seam like cruel and deliberate ways. We are animals who kill to drink righteousness from the destruction of others.

Broken men leave bits of their brother’s broken body along a dirt road. They show the world what they see deep within their own eyes.

Soul Memories of Herculaneum


Feathers guide me through this ancient city. Rubber sandals laden with the dust of 1000 seekers and maybe the dust from simple leather sandals of another time.

So familiar yet I hold no memory or history of this place. Has my soul walked these streets before? Narrow streets, faded frescoes, strange to my brain yet familiar to my soul.

Human sized rooms, walls painted with scenes of places lush and beautiful. Why this street feather? Why this room in this house? What story began in this room, this portion of a house, family, village.

All those voices are silent now.

Encased in glass a skeletal family of bones huddle together, mother, father and child. Frozen for millenniums in the ash of Vesuvius now white plaster reveals the bones of a dieing moment.

Did the hollow sockets I now gaze into hold my own eyes or the eyes of one whom I loved? It is for the living to remember the pleasure, pain, life and death lessons that these walls have witnessed.

My soul remembers, it touches my heart when I enter an ancient yet familiar room.

Dream the Dream


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Dream the dream
Launch the journey’s vessel
Swim within it

Slumbering in watery flight falling rising
through the eyes of the dreamer’s dream

Intercepted   thoughts   feelings
set free to fly in the dreamer’s dream
until that moment
Point of Release

Stay! Do not flee with the opening of an eye or
hide in the song that play’s over and over in one’s head

In the quiet hours of morning
Remind me of darkest secrets                                                                                     most wondrous dreams

Balance Point


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IMG_0510When planting a bare rooted tree it is easy to see the tree’s hilt. The hilt can be found at a shift in the line of the trunk just above the roots. This spot is the balance point between Heaven and Earth, the Seen and Unseen. If the hilt of the tree is given too much to the earth, the tree will die. Similarly if the tree is given too much to the air the tree will also die. For the tree to thrive, the hilt must be placed at the balance point between Heaven and Earth.

This is a wonderful mirror for our breath. It thrives when placed at the balance between Heaven and Earth, Love and Fear. For us the balance point is found within our hearts. With open pathways, we breathe energy up from the earth as we breathe energy down from the heavens. Blended in balance, these become greater than the sum of their parts. This enhanced energetic flow nurtures our entire body and straightens the healing energy that flows from our hands.

Making room in our hearts, breathing free the stuck energy of “encapsulated trauma”* clears the way for our energy to flow freely into and through our hearts. This shift in energy is directly reflected in the aura of the planet.

*Situations that cause us to stop breathing out of fear will generate opinions of self, world or other Become “encapsulated”

The Lock and The Key


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Our breath is the lock and the key to our emotional healing. A held breath in the face of fear locks that fear within us just as a full and deep breath is the key to releasing negative events from our past. Within our breath we have the ability to heal the scars of traumatic events. No matter how subtle or overwhelming, no matter how deep, or how much you depend upon or loved the other person involved. A basic function of our breath is the ability to breathe through and release any fear or negative belief that limits our participation in life. Releasing such traumas opens us up to relieve greater joy and deeper compassion into our lives. Living with a greater sense of freedom and joy boosts our immune system and our energy levels. We all have the ability to achieve great levels of clarity and wholeness. Such an ability quietly awaits our choosing in the depths of every breath.

Tree, like me!

For a tree fully expressing life seems easy. Rooting down into the earth, absorbing nutrients, water and sunshine. Meeting its needs it is able to express its value within the fabric of its community. 

As living beings we are conduits of energy. Much like a tree we pull energy from the earth and the sky. It is our breath that dances these energies in our hearts at the depth we allow. The depth achieved is the same depth with which we embrace our vitality. 

When is the last time you felt your vitality?Featured image